About this site


This  website is visualizing and verbalizing by Lizzy, an admin for this site has thought in her everyday life. Quite often, people ask me who I am, what kind of person I am. And it’s not easy for me to answer straight way as I have so many interests in many different direction, also experienced things people usually wouldn’t experience. Therefore it is my sincere wish to express myself and my point of views through SNS and this site. Moreover I found out that my view point through my experience of living in UK is somehow fresh and interesting according to some of the audience of my YouTube channel. I have gained a chance to learn things and verbalizing by sending out information through YouTube.
I have lived in the U.K. almost half of my life and it was quite normal for me to discuss many different subjects including politics with friends and colleagues. However it is not easy to just discuss those things in Japan, I aim to solve these frustration positively by sending out information with my audience.

About Lizzy


Born in Japan, and raised up to late teen in Japan. Educated mostly in U.K. such as high School, university and MA in U.K, then remain and worked in the U.K after the graduation.
Go and come in both Japan and U.K. for few years now.
Started YouTube to share experiences of pandemic traveling abroad for other travelers then started another channel, patriotic girl apprentice and speaking out about strange Japanese politics.